Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"Spurlock is one of the best values in education ever."

It's been a crazy several weeks at the Spurlock.  We're opening a new exhibit this afternoon, with the celebration this weekend; we've jumped into school programs with both feet; and there have been numerous publication deadlines to meet.  We're all incredibly tired, but so happy with all we are able to accomplish.  On days when our brains are fried and we don't think we can add another thing to the schedule, we get something wonderful like the evaluation we received yesterday on "An Afternoon in Ancient Rome," a program we piloted a couple of weeks ago. 

The evaluation was written by a parent who had attended with an 8th-grade daughter.  It was obvious they had a great time.  Some of the comments addressed aspects of the program we had been concerned about: Did we have enough stations to keep everyone busy?  Yes.  Had we given the volunteers running the stations enough information to be comfortable talking to the participants?  Yes.  Had we given the participants enough information before and after their arrival to understand how the program would run?  Were we smiling and welcoming to everyone?  Yes and Yes.  The parent even took the time to make thoughtful suggestions for improvement. The title of this blog was one of our favorite parts of the evaluation!

I wrote a news story for the Spurlock webpage once on how much we love to get thank-you letters.  Evaluations are some of the best thank-you letters.  Even if the comments are not all positive, they let us know the person appreciated our effort enough to help us make our work even better the next time.  For that, we say thank you.